Yes, I will admit I’ve been in love before, but was it really love? Yes there was a time I was madly in love, so madly that I’ve walked the streets in pain and wrote windshield wiper love letters. The flower shops knew me on a first name basis. I left home, traveled across the country, and to another country, but was it really love? After all these years I would say is wasn’t.


Many moons later during a stressful time after I have moved from the west coast to an much colder upstate NY location. Searching for work after one failed job that went miserably wrong. One morning I decided again to walk the cold streets of the depressed city. The crows were flying over the cloudy winter skies as I walking into a job placement building, sitting across from me was Lucy. The first few days I went to this place I didn’t even think of her as anyone special. Her long hair was wildly messed up as she didn’t give it much thought. She was carrying three or four bags stuffed with much of her paperwork. My first impression of her was “crazy bag girl” then I moved from the table to a nearby computer to pursue my job search. Not to my surprise she sits at the computer next to me giving me a slight feeling of happiness because many of the job seekers were shady looking men. One thing led to another and she asked me questions about her resume. To my surprise she was like no other girl I have ever spoken too. Yes she was rough around the edges, as I was too. She was totally my kind of person. The remaining two weeks we’ve sat near each other discussing job possibilities and stuff about our lives. At last she told me about her boyfriend and then I knew it would curtail my opportunity to really get to know her. As she was sitting next to me my phone rang and I finally landed a job. The following week I left the building. We quickly said to one another “been nice knowing you!” and I walked out the door:(

Nevertheless It’s irrelevant to even think I have a chance with Lucy as she is already spoken for. We did exchange emails and I gave her my phone number. A crazy part of me hopes she tries to someday contact me. Goodbye Lucy.


The Return to 500 West

Welp, I just recently came back from yet another one man psychotic vacation. Flew out via Southwest airlines last week and once again stayed 6 loser days at the creepy but somewhat beautiful downtown hostel, 500 West. This time around I met a few dudes living at this Hostel; A Chinese American guy who worked for a infectious disease department, a Polish guy who knocked on my door at 2am looking for hookers, and a utterly depressed 36 year old guy with ambitions of going to college. I’ve pretty much only spent my nights at the downtown location partying with the Chinese and Polish guy. The following mornings I resumed my days by hitting the beaches and boogie boarding.

Here is a photo of the front entrance of 500 west. Ironically this time around I didn’t take a single photo during the entire trip. At any rate the whole vacation was not too shabby. I was even contemplating on staying 3 more days, however Comic Con, an annual convention for comic book enthusiasts was in town. Hotel rates doubled and even tripled everywhere! Fuck you Comic Con!

Goodbye Crank Arm

When I was riding home from work this evening I felt a weird sensation coming from the sole of my right shoe. At first I thought my old timberland shoes were finally falling apart making my foot to slide off the petal, but as I look down to my surprise the pedal was bent. Being that I was approximately 6 miles away from home I really had no choice other than to ride the rest of the way. When I got nearly 3 blocks from my apartment the pedal finally pooped out of the crank arm rendering it useless. I tried to screw it back in the hole but the aluminum was so badly shredded it was totally imposable to fix. Walking that three blocks seemed forever as I was cursing to myself.

From what I can remember I did see a Shamano crank arm at Performance Bikes for about 100 dollars. My question is should I attempt to pull the crank arm off myself or have a mechanic do the job? Pulling and installing it looks pretty harmless and effortless if you have a crank puller. I’ll have to see the mechanic’s rates before I decide. Welp, tomorrow it looks like I’ll have to take a taxi home from work, crap!!!

Sleeping on the Floor

Sleeping on the floor

Just Recently I’ve had a new carpet put in my studio apartment. After moving the bed out of the area where it once stood I’ve never put it back because in reality I need a new bed. Why put a 10 year old broken box spring and bed on a brand new carpet anyway? In the mean time I’ve been crashing on my new carpet with only a pillow and a comforter. After 2 weeks of doing this new sleeping method I never felt better! My back and legs feel stronger and I wake up more refreshed. Perhaps sleeping on the floor is a better than my old worn out bed, or sleeping on the floor is better for my body altogether.

She has a Nice Rack!

Yep, She now has a nice rack as you can see. I decided to put it on her yesterday. I even drove to work today without my shirt. It felt like a brand new world after I drove 8 miles under the Arizona sun.

Not wearing a hot ass backpack reduces the amount of sweat on my shoulders and feels great! I must say it was well worth the 32 bucks for that little rack! Now I can ride almost naked without being weighed down. Whoopee!

Click here for the full picture of my bike.